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First Food Co are the specialists in bush food. From five star and morning tea catering to supply of product to restaurants and cafe, to our extensive retail range developed from our own recipes. We bring bush food to life for you. 

Our food and products are made from wild harvested and ethically farmed ingredients that have nourished the First Australians for millennia. We are motivated not only to improve economic and social outcomes for Indigenous people through employment, but also to see all Australians gain a familiarity with (and we hope a love for) our unique ‘bush foods’.

Our mission is to make native Australian food flavours accessible through a range of consumer goods, whilst creating business opportunity and employment for our independent suppliers nationwide.

Producing a range of foods from relish, salsa & dukkah to flavoured popcorn, confectionery, tea and even soap First Food Co are the leaders in the bush food industry. 

Our team regularly appears at food festivals and presentations. We supply a range of raw ingredients to restaurateurs, caterers and food manufacturers wishing to use native Australian ingredients.